KECE343(00) Computer Architecture

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 This course will provide an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of microprocessors and the ability to analyze and design computer systems. Topics covered include instruction set architectures, computer arithmetic, pipelining, caches and memory hierarchy, multicores, and IO and bus subsystem. We will also study computer sytems from the perspective of programmers. We will first discuss sofware development tools such as compilers, linkers, and loaders. Then, we will study the fundamental concepts of operating system and its programming interfaces, which include processes, exceptions, signals, and virtual memory.


 Professor : Lynn Choi( lchoi@korea.ac.kr, Engineering Bldg, #411, 3290-3249)

 Assistant : HanJun Bae(qwerty2901@korea.ac.kr, Engineering Bldg, #236, 3290-3896)

 Time(Place) : Monday(5), Wednesday(5) Innovation Bldg, #116 

 Textbook : "Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware / Software Interface", Patterson &  Hennessy, Elsevier Korea LLC, 5th Edition, Asian Edition, 2014 

 Reference book"Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective", Randal E. Bryant and David O'Hallaron, Prentice Hall, 2nd Edition, 2011.
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 Lecture slide



     1. 1-Introduction

     2. 2-ISA 

     3. 3-Linking_rev        

     4. 4-Computer_Arithmetic 

     5. 5-Pipeline_rev

     6. 6-Memory_Hierarchy_rev  

     TA. cache_TA

     7. 7-Exception and Interrupt_rev  

     8. 8-IO  

















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