KECE340(00) Operating System


▣ Lecture outline

 This course is to understand the concepts, structure, and mechanisms of operating systems. An operating system is at the center of a computer system platform. Nowadays computer systems include embedded systems, smart phones, PCs, severs, mainfraims, and supercomputers. The variety is not just in the capacity and speed of machines but in applications that OS needs to support. The topics this class discuss include processes, threads, virtual memory, scheduling, input and output, files, security, network, and distributed systems.

 Professor : Lynn Choi( lchoi@korea.ac.kr, Engineering Bldg, #411, 3290-3249)

 Assistant : HanJun Bae(qwerty2901@korea.ac.kr, Engineering Bldg, #236, 3290-3896) 

 Time(Place) : Monday(5) Wednesday(5) Innovation Building, #207

 Textbook : Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles, William Stallings, 8th Edition, International Edition, Pearson, 2015.

 Reference book : A Collection of Research Papers 

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▣ Lecture slide


1. OS_Overview

2. Process

3. Threads

4. Mutual Exclusion and Synchronization

5. Deadlock and Starvation

6. Memory Management

7. Virtual Memory

8. Uniprocessor Scheduling

9. Multiprocessor and Realtime Scheduling

10. IO Disk Scheduling

11. File Management


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- Thread Project