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 Sang Hoon Lee, Yong Soo Bae and Lynn Choi
The Design of a Ultra-Low Power RF Wakeup Sensor for Wireless Sensor Networks
To Appear in Journal of Communications and Networks, Vol 18, No.2, pp 201-209, APR 2016.

 Sang Hoon Lee, Hyeokman Kim and Lynn Choi
Sleep Control Game for Wireless Sensor Networks 
To Appear in MOBILE INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Article ID 3085408, DOI 10.1155/2016/3085408, 2016.

 Lynn Choi and Kirner, Raimund
Introduction to the special issue on software technologies for embedded and ubiquitous systems
To Appear in ComputingVol 97, No.3, pp 203-204, MAR 2015.

 Sang Hoon Lee, Yong Soo Bae and Lynn Choi
" On-Demand Radio Wave Sensor for Wireless Sensor Networks: Towards a Zero Idle Listening and Zero Sleep Delay MAC Protocol" 
To Appear in Journal of Communications and Networks.

 Jae Kyun Jung, Sang Hoon Lee and Lynn Choi
"Starcast: Robust and Energy-Efficient Geometric Routing for Mobile Sensor Networks" 
To Appear in International Journal of Sensor Networks (IJSNET), Vol. 22, No. 3, 2016.

 Sang Hoon Lee, Yunmook Nah, Lynn Choi

" Influenza surveillance and forecast with smartphone Sensors ",
To Appear in Computing, Vol 97, No.3, pp 237-259, MAR 2015.

 Sang Hoon Lee and Lynn Choi

"A+MAC A Streamlined Variable Duty-Cycle MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks ",
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, vol. 2013, Article ID 784509, 8 pages, 2013

 Ki Sup Hong, Sang Hoon Lee and Lynn Choi

"Traffic Adaptive Routing for Mobile Sensor Networks ",
To Appear in the IEICE Transactions on Communications, Vol.E96-B, No.05, 2013

 Sang Hoon Lee and Lynn Choi

"Transient Coordinator a Collision Resolution Algorithm for Asynchronous MAC protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks ",

 Byung Joon Park, Seok-Won Hong and Lynn Choi
"An effective tool for recommending opinion leaders in SNS" 

 Lynn Choi and Sang Hoon Lee

"SPEED-MAC: Sppedy and Energy Efficient Data Delivery MAC Protocol for Real-Time Sensor Network Applications ",
Wireless Networks: Volume 21, Issue 3 (2015), Page 883-898.

 Sang Hoon Lee, Byung Joon Park and Lynn Choi
"A+MAC: A Streamlined Variable Duty-Cycle MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks" 
To Appear in the SENSOR LETTERS.

 Sang Hoon Lee, Yong Soo Bae, Byung Joon Park, and Lynn Choi
"Stability and Cost: Path Quality Metrics for Mobile Adhoc Networks" 

Lynn Choi, Hyogon Kim, Sunil Kim, Moon Hae Kim 

"Scalable Packet Classification Through Rulebase Partitioning Using the Maximum Entropy Hashing ",
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol. 17, Issue 6, Dec. 2009, pp. 1926~1935

Dae Y. Kim, Sunil Kim, Lynn Choi, and Hyogon Kim

"A High-Throughput System Architecture for Deep Packet Filtering in Network Intrusion Prevention ",
ARCS 2006, LNCS 3894, pp. 407.421, 2006.

Sungyong Hong, Chulbum Ahn, Yunmook Nah, Lynn Choi,

"Searching Color Images by Emotional Concepts ",
LNCS 3597, Springer Verlag 2005, pp.361-365. (Proc. HSI 2005, July 2005, Tokyo, Japan).

Lynn Choi, Kwangseok Choi, Jungsun Kim, Byung Joon Park,

"Virtual Sink Rotation Low Energy Scalable Routing Protocol for Ubiquitous Sensor Networks ",
Proceedings of the USN 2005 (LNCS), The 1st International Workshop on RFID and Ubiquitous Sensor Networks, Dec. 2005, Nagasaki, Japan.

Lynn Choi, S.W. Kim, J. Joung,

"Packet_Classification_through_Hierarchical_Rulebase Partitioning ",
IEE Electronics Letters, Vol. 40, Issue. 18, Page(s):1158-1159, 2nd September, 2004

Lynn Choi, Jaesung Heo, Hygon Kim, Sunil Kim (2004),

"Scalable Packet Classification Through Maximum Entropy Hashing ",
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Lynn Choi, Yong Shin (2004),

"Enforcement of Architectural Safety Guards to Deter Malicious Code Attacks Thorough Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities ",
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Organic and Pervasive Computing - ARCS 2004, vol. 2981, pages 47-60, Augsburg, Germany, March 2004.

Hyogon Kim, Jaesung Heo, Lynn Choi, Inhye Kang, Sunil Kim,

"Taming Large Classifiers with Rule Reference Locality ",
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Information Networking: Networking Technologies for Enhanced Internet Services, Vol. 2662, pages 928-937, Feb. 2003.

D.H. Kwon, J.W. Kim, K.I. Kw, S.C. Choi, J.H. Lim, J.H Park, Lynn Choi, S. W. Hwang, S.H. Lee,

"Characterization and Modeling of a New Via Structure in Multilayered Printed Circuit Boards ",
IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies, 26권 2호, 2003.

Jintae Yu, Myungmoon Lee, Yongbum Kim, Yongwon Lee, Sangrok Lee, Lynn Choi, Jinwoo Park,

"WDM SCM Multiple Access Protocol with High Throughput and Low Packet Delay for Passive Double Star Networks ",
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